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Laminar Air Flow

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Our laminar air flow equipment is specifically designed to create a sterile and dust-free environment in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and electronics. Our equipment features high-quality HEPA filters that effectively remove contaminants from the air, resulting in a controlled and uniform airflow. We offer both horizontal and vertical configurations of our laminar air flow units, which can be adjusted to suit individual needs, including fan speed and air flow direction For added convenience, our units also feature digital displays that allow for easy monitoring and controlling of air flow and filter performance. 
• HEPA Filter pore size 0.3 µm. 
• Outer body is made of GI duly epoxy coated. Work bench made up of stainless-steel grade 304. 
• Properly balanced blowers fitted on F.H.P. motor provided on the top portion to supply sufficient air to HEPA filter
 • Pre-filters provided on the top to supply pre filtered air to the blowers. 
• One fluorescent tube and one U.V. Germicidal tube provided over work bench. 
• Static pressure manometer fitted on top

SKU: BB-LAF-H/V-2/3/4/6

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Airflow Pattern

100% Exhaust, from Back to Front




HEPA Filter Efficiency @99.99% @0.33um

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