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Gel Documentation System

Key Features

Biotek Brew Gel Imager is innovativelydesigned and developed after extensive research and evaluation to suit theneeds of our customers. High resolution cameras provide vivid images with sharpbands. The special "pull-out" tray design enables easy placement of thegel and its subsequent capture.

M.S. Powder coated Dark Room Cabinet for GelDoc System with cooling fan, Highly Durable, DPST switches with indicators forpower, Epi-white light and UV Bypass, UV safe door switch, Drawer Type pull outUVT Tray, Camera Hood with canon EOS1500D camera, Power cords, camera stand,Image capturing software & USB cable.

SKU: BB-GelImager

Product Description


Cat No

BB-Gel Imager




Dark Room Cabinet

Rust proof powder coated cabinet with access door for UVT, 100% UV protected from Harmful Radiation with automatic UV-cut-off-switch, Encloses UVT, Epi-illuminations


Trans UV 312nm as standard (optional 254/365 nm) 8x8 Watt long life UV Lamps


Dual Epi-white light as standard

Imaging Area

20 x 20 cm as standard supply Drawer type for UVT for easy placement of samples


By pass filter suitable for imaging of coomassie stained gel

Image Processor

High sensitivity, high resolution, Large APS-sCMOS sensor

Effective Pixel Resolution

5 MP

Live View Mode

Electronic view finder with image sensor

Lens and Filter

TTL-CT-SIR with scientifically cooled CMOS Sensor


Auto ISO (100-6400) in 1 stop Increments


On System


High Speed USB